A New Human Story

--- Sonia Molodecky ---

How do we create healthy futures for people and the planet? How do we create a world where all life is thriving? How do we build a renewed relationship with each other, the Earth and all beings? A New Human Story is a collection of conversations and interviews with individuals who are following their hearts, standing proudly in who they are and co-creating our new human story, from a place of unity, consciousness, understanding and love. This is our true essence and also our greatest superpower.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Entrepreneurship During The Climate Crisis

    In this episode, I talk to Fedia Kourbatov of Baba Bags. He has created a new standard for the reusable bag inspired by the love you get from your grandmother to care for people and the planet. They have helped to eliminate thousands of plastic bags and donated profits ...


  2. How We Can Be Explorers Of The Natural World

    In this episode, I talk to Elliot Connor, the 18-year-old CEO of Human Nature Projects which is on a mission to help make us all better animals. He now directs a network of volunteers across 105 countries who are reframing our human relationship with nature, inspiring gratitude and respect ...


  3. How to Find Time for Yourself

    In this episode, I talk to Jessica Bird of The Serendipity Lifestyle. Jessica Bird created The Serendipity Lifestyle as a way to share the gift of inner healing, gracious living, and serendipity with others. It is a creative oasis that is home to brilliant and beautiful women who believe ...


  4. Healing as an Individual and as a Community

    In this episode, I talk to Katie Matthews of The Mind Tribe UK. We discuss growth mindset, mindfulness, tools that people can use every day to manage anxiety, grounding, gratitude journalling, breaking the stigma around mental health, and healing as an individual and as a community! Katie also shares ...


  5. How We Can All Participate in Climate Justice

    In this episode, I talk to Madhvi Chittoor of Madhvi4EcoEthics about climate justice. We discuss the importance of reducing single-use plastic and Styrofoam pollution, advice for young changemakers, how to overcome criticism and roadblocks in your work, and what inspired Madhvi to create this change! Madhvi also shares her ...