A New Human Story

--- Sonia Molodecky ---

How do we create healthy futures for people and the planet? How do we create a world where all life is thriving? How do we build a renewed relationship with each other, the Earth and all beings? A New Human Story is a collection of conversations and interviews with individuals who are following their hearts, standing proudly in who they are and co-creating our new human story, from a place of unity, consciousness, understanding and love. This is our true essence and also our greatest superpower.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. How We Can Make a Positive Impact in Our Society

    In this episode, I talk to Daniella and Gabriel Benitez who have dedicated the past four years to fundraising and building homes for families living below the poverty line in Tijuana, Mexico through the nonprofit organization Build A Miracle (BAM). We discuss the story of how they became ...


  2. How Kindness Can Change Your Life

    In this episode, I talk to Sammie Vance of Sammie's Buddy Bench Project about how kindness can change your life and the world. We discuss the inspiration behind the Buddy Bench Project, how you don't have to be an adult to make a positive change, and how acts of kindness ...


  3. Reconnecting with the Planet and Ourselves

    In this episode, I talk to Valeria Horton of Green Reconnection about how small steps contribute to a greater whole. We discuss being an imperfect environmentalist, how to ground ourselves, being a mindful consumer, and how sustainability is creating true freedom for everyone! Valeria also shares her vision of A ...


  4. Connecting to the Genius of Nature

    In this episode, I talk to Canada's leading biomimicrist Jamie Miller about learning from the genius of nature so we can build a better world, naturally. We discuss what is biomimicry, re-learning to speak the language of nature, how nature responds to change, and how the invention of velcro biomimicry ...